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version 1.0
November 2, 2011

Version 1.0 Launched


Turn your iPhone into a working Farnsworth just like the agents use on Warehouse 13!

The Farnsworth Video Communicator - from the makers of the Super 8 app - lets you exchange video and audio messages in an interface that's a spitting image of the steampunk device from Syfy's hit TV series. (We should know - QMx also makes the hero Farnsworth props seen on the show.)

Using the Farnsworth Video Communicator, you can record and send birthday greetings, update your friends and family, collaborate with a colleague and much more. The possibilities are infinite!

With this retro-cool app, you can send and receive video or audio-only messages super-fast over *any* Internet connection. All you need to do is invite (or be invited by) another Farnsworth user to exchange messages and you're ready to go!

With the Warehouse 13 Farnsworth Video Communicator, you can:

  • Send and receive videos from fellow agents that look exactly like the messages do on Warehouse 13.
  • Send messages fast over *any* Internet connection: WiFi, 3G, CDMA and even EDGE.
  • Under deep cover or have an iDevice without a camera? You can send audio-only messages with an oscilloscope effect on-screen that matches your voice!
  • Post messages directly to Facebook - or email them directly from your Farnsworth.
  • Communicate securely. Only those you invite or those who have invited you can exchange messages with you.
  • Receive notifications of new messages – even if the Farnsworth app isn't active.
  • Install the Farnsworth app on multiple devices and your messages will be automatically copied via our server to all devices as you receive them.
  • Use the app on most iDevices, including the iPhone GS and up, iPad and iPad 2 (pixel-doubled graphics) and the iPod G4.
  • Check out the real-time shadow effects: They move as your iDevice moves.
  • Get messages directly from Warehouse 13! Artie has been known to check up on new agents in the field. And you never know when you might get an assignment from Claudia. Don't be hurt if she calls you a noob. That's a term of endearment. No, really.
The Farnsworth Video Communicator is the first app to use our QMxchange mobile messaging platform. Your Farnsworth app will be able to exchange messages with any app that supports QMxchange.